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Thursday, March 12th 2009

11:18 AM

March 1 2009

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Wednesday, January 28th 2009

11:35 AM

new for Valentines


I hope you are all well! It is nearly Valentine's Day, and for a lot of people and couples, love and romance is on their mind. For those who are in love and for those who love romance, I have designed some great Love and Romance Stationery. There are even a couple of cute Internet Love designs.

On the Newest Page, you'll find designs with cats, Dalmatian puppies, designs for teens, a forgive and forget design, pink cupcakes, blue turtles, and some Lego designs for kids. You'll find Christian Religious designs, and on the Spiritual Page, you'll find some new spiritual designs, which are beautiful scenes taken from my camera; and as per suggestion, without words on them. I hope you find designs you will like and use, I  just love that my stationery designs are being used and appreciated by so many.

Looking over my site, I have found that some of the stationery is not showing up. This seems to be a problem with Yahoo, and I do apologize for it. I will try to keep it running smoothly, just let me know if there is a design that is not showing up, it will be a great help.

I am not sure how many know this, but I have a CafePress store, where I sell products on line. If you are interested in Valentine products, I have some great T-shirts, teddy bears, adult clothing, children clothing, pillows, greeting cards, tile and tile boxes. In the kids section, you find some cute I love Mommy, I love Daddy, I love Grandma, etc; as well as I love you this much all with teddy bears on them.  Click here to go to the Love and Romance section.

To end this with good news. I want to thank everyone who has thought and prayed for me and my husband during this time as we were both battling cancer. The good new is that when they took my husband's kidney out, the cancer was also removed and there are no traces of cancer left. Although we have to be diligent and keep a close eye on things, as of this moment he is cancer free. I want to thank everyone for your concern and nice thoughts.

Take care,



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Monday, December 8th 2008

9:26 AM

Be back to designing soon


I hope everyone is okay during this holiday season. If not, just hang in there, hopefully it will get better in time. This is just a little note to apologize for not putting anything new up during the past few weeks. The reasons have to do with health, so I hope you do understand, and keep checking back in to see if anything is new. My cancer has been progressively given me more pain, so it was necessary to up my pain medication. This keeps me more out of it than I would ever want to be, and I am having a hard time keeping alert at times. Also, my husband, who is the love of my life, was diagnosed with kidney cancer a few weeks ago, and just had his kidney removed last Monday. He is still in the hospital, and as I am able to visit him everyday, it does take a toll on me. As a result, my site has not been worked on as much as I love and want to. It is such a great therapy for me to do the designs, and particularly knowing that people enjoy the stationery and do use them. Thank you so much for that. Have patience, and I will try to work on the site next week. Hopefully my husband will be home this week, and I'll have the energy to work on my designs. Again, thank you for your patience and take care,



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Friday, October 24th 2008

4:09 PM

Some of your suggestions


I hope everyone is well. I went over some of the suggestions I've gotten, and I've worked on some designs that can be found on the Newest Page of my site.

You'll find some Military designs for Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. There are also four designs for Race Car fans, as well as some cute seasonal and Christmas designs. For seasonal, you'll find two cute snow designs as well as a winter teddy bear border design. For Christmas you'll see Betty Boop and a cute cat in a stocking, and candy cane with holly.

I'll keep designing, so keep checking in and if you have any suggestions please give them to me, I do try to get to them.

Take care,


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Monday, September 15th 2008

4:10 PM

Check out what's new!

Hi to everyone. I hope you are well as can be and are doing all you can to make life enjoyable. I must apologize to all for the lack of new designs until now. My cancer seems to have become extremely stubborn, and I had to accept that further treatment is not in my best interest. While adjusting to this decision, my creative side seemed to shut down for a while. Well, now my creative juices are flowing again, and I couldn't wait to get what I have done up for you. As always, the new designs are on the Newest Page of my site. Newest Page has Betty Boop, cancer ribbons, cats, floral borders, corners and note cards. You will also find sewing designs, tiger, oriental, rock on, Victorian ink and quill, and leaves for fall. Take a look!

Let's not forget Halloween will be coming soon, so I will not only be working on new designs, but I will also be updating the Halloween Section. The Halloween Sections has printables, ,graphics,  recipe cards, recipes, jokes, and color pages. Go ahead and take a peek.

Thanks for your patience, and for your continued use of my designs. It brings me joy to know that people really use my designs and appreciate them.

Take care,


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Tuesday, April 29th 2008

1:33 PM

What's new

Hi everyone!

I know it's been a while since I made an entry in my blog, I had a particularly bad reaction to my chemo, and just hadn't been well enough to design anything new; but now I am feeling much better, so I have been back designing. Here's what's new, and you will find these designs on the Newest Stationery page.

You'll find florals, kittens, starfish, sun, sewing and knitting designs. I went to the Flower Show and was inspired to use some of the photos I took to design some musical and jazz stationery. I hope you enjoy them all.

It will be Mother's Day soon, and I have updated my Mother's Day Pages. Here's what you will find.

Printable Gift Coupons ~ You'll find some nice ones and there are quite a few designed for young children to give. They come 3 to a page.

Mother's Day Stationery ~ These stationery designs all have something to say on them.

Mother's Day Graphic Set ~ A graphic set I designed for Mother's Day that you can use for your own Mother's Day Page.

Mother's Day Quotes ~ A page full of Mother's Day quotes. Email me if you have a quote you would like to add.

Thats all for now. Enjoy spring and to all the Mothers; Happy Mother's Day.

Take care,


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Tuesday, April 1st 2008

2:34 PM

What's New!

 Hi, my mind and emotions have been like partly cloudy days lately, and it has effected how much creative time I spend on my computer. Letting things happen on their own has not been working to my advantage, so I have begun to push a little, trying to bring more sunny days and an  occasional  rainbow. At least it is a beginning. In the Newest Page section I have added some designs I took from my camera at a flower show; Instruments with flowers, A garden tea, keyboards with instruments and music, a little of Jazz. I also have a wish flower with the quote; "Despite the gardener's best intentions, Nature will improvise" I do like that quote. I also thought a little about how I used to use my creativity by sewing, and all the people who would sew from the moment they got up until the last thing at night if they could, so I designed a few stationery with sewing theme. One has the quote, "I love sewing and have plenty of material witness." The other has the quote, "Sewing mends the Soul. Both are great quotes, and I will put all the new designs with quotes up on the quotes and sayings section in the next few days.

I will work on having my sunny days, as well as wish for sunny days for you.

Take care


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Tuesday, February 26th 2008

2:39 PM

Updated Quotes and Sayings Page


I've just finished a project that I have been working for quite a while. I collected all of the quotes and sayings that are on my designs and put them on the Quotes and Sayings Stationery page; while taking off the thumbnails. The actual quote or saying is linked to the free printable design page. I've also categorized the quotes and sayings for easier look up. So....if you like the designs with quotes or sayings on them, please take a look, maybe you will see something you haven't see before.

Take care,


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Wednesday, February 20th 2008

12:36 PM

New Easter, St. Patrick's Day and a few Dolphins


New Things, there are new Easter designs.

You'll also find St. Patrick's Day designs.

There are also a few dolphin designs on the Newest Page.

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Friday, February 8th 2008

2:18 PM

New Designs from suggestions

 Hi, for the past week, I've been working on designs that were suggested by visitors of my site.

One visitor wanted stationery designed with white tail deer, and I just happened to have a few photos I took of deer that I saw walking on my favorite trail. She also wanted stationery that had fishing designs on them. I found a photo from another resource, and was able to design stationery with a  beautiful fishing scene. I also have several fishing stationery designs on my site in the Masculine Section. The Masculine section was getting a little bit big for one page, so I separated the section and made it into two pages for quicker download. The deer and newest fishing designs are on the Masculine Page 1 and the other fishing designs can be found on Masculine Page 2.

The other suggestion I worked from was a lot of fun to do. Amy Murchison Schlenker who does Original Abstract & Contemporary Art, suggested a Thank you note for kids who are just learning how to write. She sent me a sample, and I used it as sort of a template. I hope it helps kids, as it was for her child, to write simple thank you notes. They are all for gifts given at a birthday party, but if you know of other occasions, please let me know by using my email or by posting here on my Blog. If you would like to see more of Amy Murchison Schlenker, visit her site by clicking here, or going to http://www.amyschlenker.com/.

You can find the Kid Thank you Notes on the Kid's Stationery New! page.


Just a little reminder, that I have taken on some advertisers, and you can help support my site  by clicking on the advertisers from my site if you are interested in any of the products.

 Bye, for now. Keep the suggestions coming!

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